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I have not gotten this item yet, so I can not review it, however, it looks to be a great addition to our pretend toys collection. I can not wait to get one!

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INFO about Pop Oh Ver can be found here:

Blitz N Reviews- review of Pop Oh Ver

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MOOBOM Doodle Sketch Magnetic Drawing Board

Photo courtesy of Amazon.com

Todays review is for this awesome magnetic drawing board! My kids have always loved drawing boards similar to this one, but they always manage to press too hard and damage to board. This board, has lasted us over 24 hours without any damage! They really did put it to the test, and all 3 of my kids played with, and LOVED this board.
Anything that captures 3 kids attention for more than 30 seconds is a 1-up in my book! They are aged 8 (almost 9), 6, and 2 (almost 3). 
The board states for 36+ months, but my almost 3 year old did okay with it. The only thing he had an issue with was placing the “stampers” into their spots in the proper direction, but this is also part of the learning process, similar to a puzzle. The actual design and theme of the board is so cute with little imprinted footprints to go along with the seashell stampers and “pen”. 

The feature the kids loved most, was that the board is colorful! They have always had drawing boards, since my oldest was a toddler, so that feature was super fun and surprising for them. 

One thing I would recommend for makers of boards like these, is for the stampers to also have a way to attach to the board because they do always wind up lost. This goes for all boards we have had like these.

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Best Friends Bracelets by Kangaroo

Best Friends Bracelets by Kangaroo, Image courtesy of Amazon.com
This set was purchased on Amazon, the seller is Price Fair (previously Yagoozon). You can purchase it Here for just $14.95 (please make sure to purchase from Price Fair, previously Yagoozon, as they are the ones I am doing this review for).I received this package about 10 days ago, and put it aside for when I would have time to show my kids how to do it. Upon first impression though, I was impressed with the cute packaging. The only thing I would like differently on first visual impression, is for it to stand out as a more neutral product, since it is great for boys and girls, alike.

Today, when we opened the package, it was great! There are 4 foam guides that allows for 8 different bracelet designs. There was a great array of thread colors to choose from, so I let my son choose his colors. There were also 2 small containers with beads and a needle looking thing, which I am not sure what it is for or how to use it, but certainly not for beginners, like me.

Inner Contents, Stock Image courtesy of Amazon.com
The instructions that were enclosed, were not really very clear, so I was quite confused, and resorted to checking videos on YouTube, for similar products.

So here we go, I laced up the wheel, to get started.

Getting started, wheel is laced
After my little YouTube tutorial, it was pretty easy and smooth sailing, at least for my first, beginners bracelet.

The kit, overall is really great and functional, I think Kangaroo could have a YouTube series about making the various bracelets and how to use the items in the box, and do away with the paper instructions.

Final Product
We will definitely be making more bracelets and likely even buying additional threading to make them for my kids friends.