About “Reviews OMG”

Hello! Thank you for stumbling upon my site. I started this blog because I recently got into review groups on Facebook, and I felt it would better suit my participation in these groups as well as potentially bring in individual sellers that may be interested in my review.

I will review products in an honest manner, based on my experience with said products. I will review products that I was chosen to review, as well as products that I purchased because I wanted or needed them.

I am a partnered mother of 3, have a dog and a few cats. We have all sorts of interests and abilities to review all types of products.


I would love to review your products! Items I am most interested in: childrens products (ages 3-10), I would also be happy to do reviews for baby products as I am familiar with the wants, needs and such of babies and moms-to-be and have connections to many, as well. I would also be interested in home products, fun products, couple products, etc.

Items that we will not keep for personal use, will be donated or given to others that could/would ise the products.

If you would like to contact me to review a product, please email me: ReviewsOMG@gmail.com to discuss the details.