MOOBOM Doodle Sketch Magnetic Drawing Board

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Todays review is for this awesome magnetic drawing board! My kids have always loved drawing boards similar to this one, but they always manage to press too hard and damage to board. This board, has lasted us over 24 hours without any damage! They really did put it to the test, and all 3 of my kids played with, and LOVED this board.
Anything that captures 3 kids attention for more than 30 seconds is a 1-up in my book! They are aged 8 (almost 9), 6, and 2 (almost 3). 
The board states for 36+ months, but my almost 3 year old did okay with it. The only thing he had an issue with was placing the “stampers” into their spots in the proper direction, but this is also part of the learning process, similar to a puzzle. The actual design and theme of the board is so cute with little imprinted footprints to go along with the seashell stampers and “pen”. 

The feature the kids loved most, was that the board is colorful! They have always had drawing boards, since my oldest was a toddler, so that feature was super fun and surprising for them. 

One thing I would recommend for makers of boards like these, is for the stampers to also have a way to attach to the board because they do always wind up lost. This goes for all boards we have had like these.

Get yours Here!


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